Energy Conservation Saving Tips

  1. Inspect & maintain your heating system regularly: a well-tuned system is more efficient and will save you money

  2. Protect against drafts: caulk and install weather-stripping around windows, doors, and other openings such as ducts, fans & vents

  3. Change your furnace filter monthly: Clean filters increase efficiency.

  4. Install a programmable set-back thermostat: gives you the capability to lower your home's temperature, cutting annual heating bills by as much as 10% per year by turning your thermostat back 6 to 8 degres for 8 hours per day.

  5. Reduce your water heater temperature: could save up 10% by lowering temperature from 120 - 115 degrees.

  6. Increase your water heater's efficiency: Drain your water heater every six months to remove mineral deposits and sediments.

  7. Switch to a propane water heater: costs up to 1/3 less to operate, recover twice as quickly. Tankless propane water heater can save you even more by only using power and gas on demand.

  8. Install flow-restricting shower heads - reduces water usage by 50% without affecting shower pressure.

  9. Maximize appliance loads: run washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwasher with a full load.

  10. Ask about our Level Pay Plan: Upon approval, our Level Pay Plan spreads your projected annual cost of propane and heating oils over 12 months, lowering the costs of seasonally higher bills.