Clark Comfort Monitor Programs

Consisting of monthly monitoring/leases or straight out purchase. Great for all primary and secondary homes, and businesses because:

  1. Continually monitors fuel level and indoor temperature in your home 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year.
  2. Alerts Clark Gas & Oil when your tank needs to be filled.
  3. Backup generator alarm email alert or cell phone text alert allows you to contact the
    appropriate company for service - if applicable.
  4. The Clark Comfort Monitor will also notify you if there is a power loss in your home.
  5. It will automatically alert you when your home's temperature drops - so you can check it
    yourself, call a neighbor or property manager to check on your home to avoid pipes from
  6. Monitors up to eight tanks and/or combination alarms.
  7. Does not interfere with telephone operation.
  8. Displays swimming pool temperature and can send you a high/low temperature email alert or cell phone text alert - if applicable.